Een super gaaf spel voor alle kinderen | Moon Trees Challenge

A game that will truly capture the imagination.

An adventure in the woods

Moon Trees is a real-life game with a story that captures the imagination. All the ingredients are designed to stir children’s imagination. Moon Trees is a playful and adventurous way to encourage children to get active. As a team, they have a challenging mission. And if they’re successful, they’ll have the honour of being called Moon Trees Heroes. Moon Trees is a fantastic outing with your family, for children’s parties, for a father and son outing or for a family party.

Active outdoor game

Playing Moon Trees as a team means you’re being active. Running, climbing, working together and thinking carefully are all aspects of this game. Still, you don’t need to be super-fit to play Moon Trees.

It’s a game for every child. By using smart teamwork, every child can play the game at his or her level. Older children or adults can help the youngest children to play the game.

A real-life game for young and old

You’re never too old to play Moon Trees. It’s an outdoor game for children, teenagers and adults. Would you like to take on the Moon Trees challenge with your team? In that case, an exciting real-life game awaits you in the Moon Trees woods. You’ll be joining the battle together with your team members: who wins the highest number and the most valuable Moon Trees within the set playing time? Getting hold of raw materials, guarding and conquering Moon Trees demands ultimate teamwork and strategic insight. Will you be the new Moon Trees Heroes?

Challenge yourself and others! Let the games begin!