A game for businesses looking for outdoor activities

A challenging playing field

The natural surroundings of the woods are perfect for Moon Trees. It means you have real trees. The woods also offer a naturally attractive playing field. Not all Moon Trees are visible at a glance. There’s so much to discover during the game.

Playing Moon Trees indoors

If your business doesn’t have any outdoor space, we have to carry out an assessment to see if we can recreate the situation indoors. Together, we can also find out if the indoor space can be set up in such a way as to create excitement.

The natural sense and association with the woods do form an important aspect of the experience as a whole. Ideally, we recreate the woods indoors.

Would you like to explore your options?

Are you curious about the possibilities for your business? Contact us. and we’ll arrange a meeting to find out if Moon Trees has the potential of adding value to your business.