Alle seizoenen buitenspelen in de bossen

Spring activities

We often look online for spring activities. During spring, everyone feels like heading out into the great outdoors. However, spring can still be a bit chilly for a lot of outdoor activities. Because the whole idea of Moon Trees is to be active, it’s the perfect outdoor game for spring.

Summer activities

Whereas spring can still be a bit chilly, summer is often too hot for an active outdoor game. That’s when the Moon Trees woods offer the perfect solution. It’s relatively cool in the shade of the imposing trees. An ideal place to be active, even during the summer.

Autumn activities

The woods are at their best during autumn. The colours are magnificent and so are the scents. It all adds enormously to the enchanting game experience of Moon Trees. They do say there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.

So when you give players useful advice about their outfits on rainy days, Moon Trees is a more than perfect autumn activity.

Winter activities

Snow and low temperatures really shouldn’t stop participants from playing Moon Trees. Just think about it, snow gives the woods an extra dimension. The sounds are different, and you can imagine yourself in a completely different world. For Moon Trees, you use the net tracks for as long as they’re not slippery; so there’s nothing to stop you from playing the game.

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