Met je gezin een weekendje weg bij Moon Trees | Moon Trees Challenge

Play Moon Trees during a weekend away

Active outdoor game in the woods

When you’re away for the weekend, nothing beats leaving your day-to-day worries behind. No mobile phone, computer and other things that remind you of the daily grind.

Would you like to experience that sense of relaxation right away? Then venture into the Moon Trees woods and let the adventure sweep you away in this active real-life game. Imagine yourself a Moon Trees Hero and astonish yourself. All your daily concerns are a lifetime away in only a matter of minutes. You’re overcome with a sense of heroism.

Will you be the Moon Trees Heroes?

Running, climbing, clambering. But also thinking strategically and playing it smart. That’s what you need in order to become Moon Trees Heroes. So you and the team have to think ahead of how to tackle the challenge. There’s a smart role for every team member, which means Moon Trees is a perfect game for young and old. So use your abilities wisely! Who knows, you may be taking all the honours!

Would you like to find out more?

Would you like to find out more about the possibilities for weekend outings? Simply contact the Moon Trees venue of your choice. They can tell you what’s available.