Special trees

But perhaps, there’s something even more special about these woods. NASA scientists recently discovered that following their space trip, the Moon Trees have become very special trees that protect us. The Moon Trees woods form an invisible shield that protects the earth, making it safe for us to live here. It does mean we have to look after the Moon Trees really well.

Take care of them!

Fortunately, they’re smart trees because they can communicate with us. To make sure they can tell us exactly what they need, there are special tree computers, which you can spot in the trees. The Moon Trees game focuses on the trees’ needs. They tell you and your team what they need. The challenge is to look after the trees as best as you can. If you play it smartly, you can become real Moon Trees Heroes!

Would you like to take on the Moon Trees challenge with your team?

In that case, an exciting real-life game awaits you in the Moon Trees woods. You’ll be joining the battle together with your team members: who wins the highest number and the most valuable Moon Trees within the set playing time? Getting hold of raw materials, guarding and conquering Moon Trees demands ultimate teamwork and strategic insight. Will you be the new Moon Trees Heroes?

Challenge yourself and others! Let the games begin!